Fit Fruit

Fit Fruit: Fitness-inspired training apparel!

The sister company of Kompass. Fit Fruit is for the lighthearted, cheerful, fitness fanatic who isn't afraid to put their head down and work. Aiming to remind, inspire and spark people to work towards achieving their fullest potential in fitness and in life. Kynsi wanted to create cute and comfy training apparel to demonstrate that even the hardest endeavors can be fun! Enjoy your life and celebrate your body!


Combining her appreciation for pleasing aesthetics with her love for creating and passion for fitness, these cute & captivating crops will sweeten up your day! 


When Kynsi isn't outdoors, adventuring or running Kompass Apparel, she is a certified personal trainer, CrossFit coach at CrossFit Loveland and an athlete. She has a passion for movement through fitness, dance, yoga and acro. Fit Fruit embodies who she is and how she wants to inspire and help people be not just physically fit but mentally fit. Spread the movement with KynsFit Wear and Fit Fruit! 

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