Behind the Brand

Kompass Apparel - outdoor-inspired apparel comprised of the functionality and versatility of athletic apparel with the comfort and style of street wear, fit for the adventurous lifestyle. For whatever path you seek, we aim to motivate people to find what they are passionate about and pursue it. 

Based out of Colorado.

Founder and owner Kynsi had a dream and is making it a reality.

"My vision for this brand came very naturally and I knew that this was the path I wanted to take. My goal is to create a lifestyle clothing brand of casual apparel that can be worn for every adventure that makes people feel confident while wearing it. I want it to motivate people to find what they are passionate about and pursue it. Growing up in Colorado sparked the passion I have for the outdoors and living an active lifestyle. I graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Apparel Merchandising, which solidified my interest in the apparel industry. Traveling is another one of my inspirations and my experience studying abroad and witnessing the world created my idea of the adventurous spirit that this brand contains. I have always appreciated the art of fashion mixed with the outdoors. My goal for this brand is to inspire people to find their passion while creating something that I believe in. Combining the functionality and versatility of athletic clothing with the high quality comfort and style of street wear is what Kompass is all about. At Kompass Apparel, we believe life is limitless. There is nothing stopping you from achieving your dreams and finding your path."

The Products

Our products are made with high quality fabrics for maximum comfort. Until you have worn one of our products, you will not know just how soft they are. 

All of our artwork is carefully and thoughtfully produced by the owner locally in Colorado to ensure satisfaction with every purchase. We want our customers to be able to live life to the fullest while wearing Kompass Apparel! 

The Lifestyle

Living an active lifestyle is more than just being the top athlete or performer. Whether you are hiking, biking, fishing, rafting, snowboarding, surfing, running, camping, the lifestyle of Kompass Apparel is about passion, adventure, determination and positivity. It is about the experiences of life and finding your happiness. 

Kompass Apparel is more than clothing, it's a way of life. Join the movement!

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At Kompass Apparel, your feedback and opinions help us grow as a business and motivate us to create the best possible designs to fit the needs of the adventurous. Email the owner at:

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 - Kynsi: Founder/Owner at Kompass Apparel LLC


Behind the brand FitFruit:

The sister company of Kompass. Fit Fruit is for the lighthearted, cheerful, fitness fanatic who isn't afraid to put their head down and work. Aiming to remind, inspire and spark people to work towards achieving their fullest potential in fitness and in life. Kynsi wanted to create cute and comfy training apparel to demonstrate that even the hardest endeavors can be fun! Enjoy your life and celebrate your body!


Combining her appreciation for pleasing aesthetics with her love for creating and passion for fitness, these cute & captivating crops will sweeten up your day! 


When Kynsi isn't outdoors, adventuring or running Kompass Apparel, she is a certified personal trainer, CrossFit coach at CrossFit Loveland and an athlete. She has a passion for movement through fitness, dance, yoga and acro. Fit Fruit embodies who she is and how she wants to inspire and help people be not just physically fit but mentally fit. Spread the movement with KynsFit Wear and Fit Fruit! 

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